iphone 5 3DLet’s be honest, we don’t have any spy at apple or Foxconn but when we analise the hints that travel around, we reach the following conclusion. It looks like Apple is still using the same traditidions with no surprise -technice for iphone 5. “There is an information leak about Iphone 5”

A Foxconn source spilled the beans about Iphone 5, it’s ready. This should be a reliable! source that prove him/herself various times before so, all the media write up everything about iphone 5 throuhout this person. This person says, Apple is testing a couple of iphone 5s but there isn’t too much difference between these iphone 5 prototypes and they are ready for mass production. I personally believe Foxconn and Apple must fire all of their human resources and security executive people. I am questioning how companies like the Apple and the Foxconn can let this happen, while even the idea of technology is that much important. Over all, my dear Apple I’m telling you It’s getting bitter.
iphone 5 3D system
There are lot of rumours but most of them agree that iphone 5 will be realese at September. What’s new with iphone 5? Is it worth to wait? It looks like it is. This Foxconn source also have information about iphone 5’s technical specs. New generation A5 processor, a wider screen (4 inch) and 8 megapixel camera.

Wider screen is a must. Some people might like small screens but a phone is not just a phone anymore. They’re your secretary, your PC, your navigator, your game console. You cannot expect all of these from a small size phone, at least our technology is not there yet. Even if it’s possible, human eye cannot see everything easily in a small screen. This shows phones will be larger, but there is a limit to it. You have to be able to use a phone with your one hand. If you can’t use a cell with one hand it’s not ergonomic. Because of this 4.6 inch don’t seem reasonable, 4 inch is perfect. It might be a little bit hard for a person with small hands but they can use it with their single hand.

One of the rumours for iphone 5 was it’s going to have a shape of a water drop. And our Foxconn source not supporting this. Because people are use to do everything on a square screen. If you give them a water drop shaped screen or a squre in a water drops shaped body (which has smaller sized screen from the phone), people will go and try different ones.
iphone 5 camera
Anyway, let’s continue our iphone 5 report that provided from Foxconn leak (who is a betrayal). It says they’ll use LG made 4 inch screens which sounds reasonable.

None of the iphone 5 devices have the body shape of iphone 4 and iphone 4s and none of them is the same with apple will release. There are some features which will remain as a secret till the last moment. All of these information leads us to an intresting conclusion.

There is one clear point at Foxconn’s source, iphone 5 has 8 MP camera. But iphone 4s has already 8MP camera. So, what’s the point? Plus Sony Ericcson’s Satio and Samsung’s M8910 Pixon has 12 MP camera. Apple accepts to fail? There is no logic providing 8 MP camera as new. There is another point; Apple always likes to provide new and first things. So let’s say in that way, What kind of new feature this 8 MP camera has?
iphone 5 camera system
Maybe iphone 5 has made a change not with the camera but how the camera works. So, what can it be? What’s the trend today? Everybody takes pictures. How these pictures become special? With special effects and color changes, etc. You can do all these with your phone. None of these are new as have to provide at iphone 5. Plus all of this software based things.

Let’s look from a different angle. Today’s trend is 3D view technology. It’s hard to find a TV without 3D. Can it be the new feature of iphone 5? To take pictures (even videos) at 3D. It is simple as can. All iphone 5 owners will feel themselves special. They will be special because there aren’t many people who can do what they can.

3D is not a new technology after all. There are a lot of books and magazines that printed as 3D. The biggest problem of 3D technology was to convice people to put the 3D glasses on. Same goes for the movie sector. People are use to wear 3D glasses because of 3D Televisions.

3D technology works because of our visual limitation. You just need two cameras for it. We don’t need ultra high tec cameras with superior features. You can find detailed information from the following link.

Scientists were working on it since 1915. First 3D movie has been shoot at 1936 at Germany. When it comes to photography, it goes earlier than these. Nobody did this on a cell phone before. It can be done but who is going to do it? All the hints shows iphone 5 might have it. You can use iphone 5’s camera at 3D or 2D mode.
iphone 5-3D
You might think of; what is the price of an iphone 5 with 3D camera? It’ll go up a little because of second camera. But it also will carry iphone to one and only category. If it can take 3D videos too which it has the capacity for that, people can watch their own 3D videos from their home.

If iphone 5 comes with a 8 MP camera and they start o talk about a feature for this camera, the best logical explanation is 3D. A lot of people think “it’s too early to speak something like that” but I know 3D will come to cell phones sooner or later, or much more sooner…

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